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Garage Door Springs

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Your door relies on a system of springs to help it move in a smooth and balanced way. Without these components, trying to open the door even just manually would be a herculean task. When these important parts fail to work properly, you may find yourself at a loss. The last thing you should do is try to repair or replace them yourself, as they are under a lot of tension, and you could get seriously hurt. Our technicians specialize in garage door spring repair and replacement, and we'll be happy to assist you any way we can.

Different Actions – Same Purpose

The role of torsion or extension springs is the same, but the way they achieve their designated goal is very different. Torsion units use a twisting and unwinding motion to help lower and raise the panels. Because of this, they are considered safer, as they are less likely to fly off when they break. Extension springs work by stretching and contracting, and they are thinner, and are installed in pairs, a unit on each side of the door.

Broken Spring Repair and Replacement

Usually, when this type of component breaks, it's better to replace it rather than reconnect the two pieces. Some gradual wear and tear can be mitigated with proper spring lubrication and adjustment (which we perform as part of our garage door maintenance service), but if the unit broke completely, the safest fix would be to install a new one in its place. Our experts can carry this out quickly and safely.

Just Call Us

Dealing with spring related problems isn't something you should do on your own. Let our professional technicians at Garage Door Repair McDonough help. We'll make sure these units are fully functional and working safely, and if we find that their condition is too far gone, we'll replace them with new, more durable springs. Give us a call or use our online system to book a service appointment.

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